The visual novel is now available for download and it is completely free

I will be working on more projects so you can stay tuned for that

I hope you guys enjoy it cause i worked sooooo hard with my limited resources to make this

anyways let me stop wastin your time

heres the download link :


  1. jesusalva says:

    For some reason I like your storywritting. Maybe I just like a powerful protagonist, and while it’s too easy to ruin the story with a protagonist like that, you could handle with that pretty well… Although I’m still on chapter 3, will finish tonight.

    For now, this is my proposed improvement list. My suggestions. I… didn’t found a better place to put this. :/
    Not all of them are important, you’ll quickly notice which ones.

    1- Save window is too large for current resolution. Please reduce he number of rows on screens.rpy or change xfill=True in file_picker by xmaximum=0.7 Or something like that.
    It’s completly different on Renpy 6.99.11 onwards.

    2- Countless ponctuation missing. Missing dots, comma, and the ‘ symbol are bothering me, a non native english speaker…

    3- It probably would look better if you differenced thoughts from speech? I can see speeches are surrounded by ” but… Well… Okaaaaay…

    4- Wait. You forgot Developer Mode on, seriously? You could at least set it to auto on options.rpy 🙂 But depending on RenPy version, ie. if it’s too old, you must set it to “False”.

    5- Improvement suggestion: On main menu add a button briefly explaining about the universe… Nothing big, just to get rid of any possible doubts player might have during introduction time. For example, what exactly are you doing. Because you see, I’m totally lost on that regard.

    6- Char sprites doesn’t blend THAT well… They’re too grayish, maybe? I surely prefer your original artwork from Bestial Tendencies, that’s for sure. 😛

    7- Character placement is a little… weird, at times. I first noticed when pressing ‘h’ when you’re introduced to your roommate. Either you forgot some transparent pixels at the bottom of the image, the image is too low, or you need to use more advanced y-axis placement.
    This is somehow masked by the dialog box opacity. Smart move. Won’t fool me though, there are a bunch of pixels below the box which is not 100% opaque 😛

    8- When displaying the chapter, you probably shouldn’t use the say statement, use a “pause” instead. The dialog box in this game is… too big and opaque and that doesn’t renders a nice effect.

    I guess this is all. Good job! 😉

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